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Lam & Company PC is focused on

auditing and other attest services to provide assurance and reliability to

help you make important financial decisions.


We can assist your efforts to account & report in accordance with accepted financial reporting frameworks ("FRF's"):  GAAP, SME, cash, modified cash, and income tax
(accrual and cash).


We understand business, as well as auditing, accounting, & internal control.  We are the trusted advisor and critical sounding board small- & medium-sized organizations desire.



Objective & Fair

Audit Focus

We are auditors and accountants.  We do not do tax preparation, planning or advisory services.  We have the experience to identify financial reporting risks and respond appropriately to aide managers in their efforts to report reliable numbers and provide meaningful and understandable disclosures that protect management and directors and inform investors, lenders, suppliers, and other users.  We have extensive experience in financial institutions, oil & gas services, not-for-profits, and employee benefit plans and focus our attention on them.  We also have experience in a broad array of other businesses.  We work in a collaborative fashion with managers, directors, and others like your tax and valuation professionals, but our independence from these other professionals allow them, your chosen specialists in these areas, to serve your needs without concern about maintaining auditor independence.

Your tax advisors can be your tax advisors


  • Financial Statement Audit & Review
  • Financial Statement & Internal Control Integrated Audits
  • Internal Control Documentation, Evaluation & Testing
  • FDICIA & Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Directors' Examinations
  • Outsourced Internal Audit & Staffing
  • Outsourced Loan Review
  • Accounting & Compilation
  • Merger & Acquisition Assistance

The Lam & Company PC team primarily serve West Texas and Eastern New Mexico from our office in Lubbock, Texas, but our Texas and New Mexico licenses allow us to serve all of Texas and New Mexico.

Service Area

LAM & COMPANY PC, Accountants - Certified Public, Lubbock, TX